Developing Your Style:Giving Prepare/Enrich Feedback to Couples


This Self-Paced Video Course will help you Create a Dynamic Plan for Communicating PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment Results to Couples. Watch Prepare/Enrich Facilitator trainers Scott and Abigail Doust go over the assessment with a real couple, in real time.

Soak in all the nuances of the assessment with a couple. In addition, we have 11 short videos of Scott and Abigail sharing what they do to prepare to meet with a couple, why they say what they say, and “what to do when”. This is exclusive insight from a couple who has gone over the assessment with hundreds of couples.

You will finish this course with a manual designed for you covering each aspect of delivering feedback from the couples report, helping to prepare you to make the biggest impact.

  • Welcome to the Course
  • Welcome Video
  • Download Content
  • Reflection time
  • Assessment Review
  • Review Jesse and Mary's Facilitator Report
  • Quickly Review Jesse and Mary's Couples Report
  • The Big Picture: The Entire Assessment Review
  • The Big Picture: Watch the Entire Session
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 1: The Greet
  • Module Format Info
  • Greeting Jesse and Mary
  • The Greet Coaching Moment
  • Greet Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 2: The Topology
  • The Topology Section Video
  • Topology Coaching Moment
  • Topology Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 3: Relationship Dynamics
  • Relationship Dynamics Section
  • Relationship Dynamics Coaching Moment
  • Relationship Dynamics Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 4: Stress
  • Stress Section Video
  • Stress Coaching Moment
  • Stress Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 5: Couples Map
  • Couples Map Video
  • Couple's Map Coaching Moment
  • Couple Map Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 6: Family Map
  • Family Map Video
  • Family Map Coaching Moment
  • Family Map Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 7: SCOPE Personality
  • SCOPE Personality Video
  • SCOPE Personality Coaching Moment
  • Personality Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 8: Conclusion and Next Steps
  • Conclusion and Next Steps Video
  • Conclusion and Next Steps Coaching Moment
  • Conclusion and Next Step Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 9: Bonus Group Report
  • Bonus Group Reports Video
  • Group Report Coaching Moment
  • Group Report Quiz
  • Reflection Time
  • Module 10: Wrapping Up
  • Closing Comments
  • Making a Plan to Move Forward
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever